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Dalton some techniques for teaching pronunciation tesltefl. Kirsten schaetzel, georgetown law center, washington, dc. Most teachers in north america, unfortunately, dont have this knowledge and therefore tend to pass it off as being unimportant but in fact, as you progress in your fluency. Teaching pronunciation in the learnercentered classroom hsiangpao lin, chuenyn fan, and chifen chen this paper will present specific tools and techniques to help students overcome problems with english pronunciation. Elt, teaching english pronunciation, children, adults, teaching techniques, abstract. Techniques for teaching pronunciation teaching cultural aspects of communication1 effective communication requires not just the mastery of individual sounds and the accompanying aspects of pronunciation such as stress, rhythm, and intonation. Feb 19, 2016 workplace pronunciation teaching is often much more constrained, in terms of the amount of time that can be spent with students, and, often, in that there is an externally imposed curriculum eg. Language teachers preferences of pronunciation teaching. Choosing technology tools to meet pronunciation teaching. Teaching pronunciation tesol international association. In order to open the chinese market and to be successful, cosmetic brands must consider the issue from the consumers point of view in order to select the appropriate translation. In the esol classroom, teaching speaking refers to many things. These are some of the things that i do during my lessons. Over 90% of chinese characters are phonosemantic compound characters.

Pdf phonetic matching, semanticized phonetic matching and. Pronunciation challenge in english as a second language. Teaching pronunciation by teaching english theory and. Always remind your students that learning english takes time and acquiring pronunciation is a process. Organization of foreign language lessons in kindergarten.

Techniques for teaching speaking skills what is speaking. Whether you are teaching conversation or grammar, pronunciation will always come into play in any esl class. In todays learning environment, strategies such as the integration of instructional. Drilling technique is one of the ways that used in teaching english pronunciation that refers to behaviorist approach where the students are suggested to be familiar or used to the target language technique, the students are emphasized to do more practices adopted from rodger and richards. Effective english learning eltc selfstudy materials tony lynch and kenneth anderson, english language teaching centre, university of edinburgh 2012 1 effective english learning unit 8. Using eyetracking technology to explore the impact of. Teaching pronunciation in the learnercentered classroom.

Aims in language teaching the current debate about the phonology of english as an international language eil should encourage us to think about our aims in language teaching, and specifically in the teaching of english pronunciation in the context of english for speakers of other languages. It also depends on speaking habits such as gestures, posture, and eye contact. Ppp is particularly suited to pronunciation teaching to advanced learners as it involves adding accuracy to, and fine tuning already acquired language. Some techniques for teaching pronunciation david f. Improving students pronunciation through communicative. The strategies and methods that i have learnt with her have. As with other aspects of teaching, doing esl pronunciation should be interactive, and interesting for the students. They all have a way to help listeners distinguish between old information and new information and thereby draw the listeners attention to that piece of information that is new, and therefore, more important. Goals and objectives of foreign language teaching preschoolers. The game as the leading method of teaching preschoolers. English pronunciation teaching strategies or techniques are available to teachers in the classroom. I realised that i didnt need a masters degree in phonetics to teach my students correct pronunciation. Strategies for improving pronunciation good pronunciation comes from a lot of technical knowledge on the part of the teacher about placement of the mouth, etc. This course will emphasize the integration of pronunciation instruction and practice in all types of esl and efl lessons.

By using various methods to aid your students, their pronunciation will be more accurate and their attitudes will be more positive. Pdf research in teaching pronunciation and intonation. Strategies and techniques for teaching pronunciation. The importance of phonetics and phonology to the pronunciation component. Pronunciation anyone who speaks another language will know it can be difficult to produce certain sounds that we do not use in our first language. For more on the use of template sentences and other suggested techniques, see. First you need to define more clearly what the problems are individual sounds or rhythm and intonation and then deal with one at a time. The graduate students of the university of alabama in the departments of english. Teaching pronunciation 3 melody all languages have some way to highlight the most important piece of information in an utterance. Methods of teaching pronunciation ogtay ismayilzadas blog. The selection of problems is based on both the frequency and seriousness of errors which many chinese students may produce. Teaching pronunciation is often a neglected or ignored in english language.

Choosing technology tools to meet pronunciation teaching and learning goals for decades, researchers and teachers have suggested ways to apply technology in teaching and learning pronunciation, and there are many useful tools that can be used for this purpose. Teaching english pronunciation is a challenging task with different objectives at each level. The place and practice of pronunciation teaching in the. In the future, the curriculum reform seems to improve the situation slightly. Specific techniques for accent reduction, plus important information on body language for clear communication in english, will be presented. The fourth part is the research analysis in ec translation of cosmetic brands, including literal translation, transliteration and phonosemantic translation. Pdf phonetic matching, semanticized phonetic matching. This makes drilling and repetition activities particularly effective in the second stage practise and explains why we encourage plenty of repetition of difficult sounds.

I include lots of lessons with authentic english, taken from movies, talk shows, interviews and documentaries. This guide on how to teach pronunciation provides a short overview of the main issues to be addressed at each level, as well as pointing to resources on the site, such as lesson plans and activities, that you can use in class to help your students improve their english pronunciation skills. Classroom techniques of teaching spanish as a second language chair. When teachers were asked to comment, they said that teaching pronunciation was a problem. In this article i would like to to present an overview of the traditional and timetested techniques as well as the new directions in pronunciation teaching. Center for applied linguistics 4646 40th street nw. As theyre spanish speakers theyll undoubtedly have problems with individual sounds, and id start with that. Additionally, interviews were conducted with 12 efl teachers. It summarizes the history and trends of pronunciation teaching in the world, lists traditional as well as modern techniques of teaching pronunciation, and tries to find out what three techniques language teachers prefer using most to teach pronunciation to. In order to meet the demands of modern society, english teachers need to pay more attention to the development of learners competence and focus on a more effective and successful method. Communicative language teaching as english pronunciation. The importance of phonetics and phonology in the teaching of. This article discusses the assessment of pronunciation instruction under a new approach to pronunciation teaching centered on the role of connected speech in the prosodic system of english.

Teaching pronunciation an expressive skill is the just the other side of teaching listening a receptive skill. Pdf in foreign language vocabulary learning, the keyword method is among the. For a long period of time, teachers have been concerned with finding the appropriate way of teaching the sounds of a foreign language, which are different from the native language, without using the orthographic alphabet. An action research study of pronunciation training, language. Judy gilbert recommends relating pronunciation and listening specifically while teaching the intonational devices morley, 1987. A practical approach is a pronunciation textbook with listening and conversation practices to accompany activities. The aim of this study is to describe the technique that teacher use in teaching english pronunciation to young learners. Number of pupils in a group, the frequency and duration of sessions. Later in the century, pronunciation teaching research began to move on both by embracing more sophisticated approaches to interlanguage phonology, taking universal, developmental, and other.

Ee ling low, national institute of education, nanyang technological university, singapore. Advanced efl learners beliefs about pronunciation teaching. Even in a short term course, integrating pronunciation activities with listening, reading, writing, and grammar points is highly encouraged. After identifying the consonants which cause the most difficulty for the students, we use several techniques or a combination of techniques in teaching english consonant phonemes. Back to phonosemantic matching, this is also a type of word back to phonosemantic matching, this is also a type of word formation based on a bif urcated source, as ex. Currently, there is a wide range of methods for attempting to enhance foreign language instruction, including l2 pronunciation teaching. For example, the phonosemantic matcher of english dock with israeli hebrew. It deemphasized pronunciation in favor of grammar and vocabulary because 1 nativelike pronunciation was an unrealistic objective and could not be achieved scovel, 1969. Techniques like computerassisted aid, audiovisual aid, pronunciation software and the internet can be effective in teaching learning english pronunciation. Speaking is the process of building and sharing meaning through the use of verbal and nonverbal symbols, in a variety of contexts. Phonetic matching, semanticized phonetic matching and phonosemantic matching as techniques in keyword selection article pdf available february 2017 with 307 reads how we measure reads. Top 10 ways to teach vowel pronunciation in english. With this in mind, it is clear that a teaching approach does not only refer to the teaching methods and strategies, but rather it is a collective term that includes many other relevant matters such as course design, teaching materials, language of. Questionnaires were completed by 327 upper intermediate and advanced efl learners and 47 efl teachers.

An action research study of pronunciation training, language learning strategies and speaking confidence english is a vehicle for international communication. However, it remains to be seen how the reform effects individual aspects of english language teaching such as pronunciation teaching and will the teachers be given. Mar 03, 2014 outcomes the intended outcomes of the project were. Phonosemantic matching psm is the incorporation of a word into one language from another. The teaching of pronunciation has been neglected in eslefl settings for the past decades. This paper aims at finding out pronunciation teaching techniques preferred by language teachers in either traditional or modern fashion. Brief teaching pronunciation to adult english language learners. Phonetics is indispensable to the teaching of the pronunciation of. It begins with a teaching pronunciation introduction, followed by word stress, rhythm, intonation, consonants and vowels. Illustrations of the enlarged character, meaning of the character in english, and pronunciation pinyin were the basic. Teaching efl pronunciation how to teach efl pronunciation.

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