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No longer simply the sidekick, tonto gets top billing in disneys extravagant lone ranger reboot, which partners a heavily facepainted johnny depp with the blandly handsome armie hammer. The lone ranger is the sole survivor of a group of six ambushed texas rangers. The great johnny depps latest is shaping up as an epic flop, in a league with john carter 2012 and missouri breaks 1976. On a positive note a previous poster pointed out how squeaky clean the lone ranger part was played and that was awesome. The ranger is dumbo, tonto is the mouse timothy, and the heros nonexistent invincibility is the magic feather. Our restoration of the lone ranger 1938, longconsidered a lost serial in complete form, is the only complete unsubtitled version of the serial available and the definitive edition of. The indian is tonto johnny depp, the old companion of john reid armie hammer, a lawman more famously known as the lone ranger. The lone ranger was the first of two theatrical features based on the popular tv series of the same name.

Check out your favorite moments with tonto and the lone ranger. The lone ranger original motion picture soundtrack various artists. A previous try at a bigscreen origins story, the legend of the lone ranger, in 1981, was a total bust and the only film ever made by the actor who played the title character, klinton spilsbury. Tonto shares his memories of the how the duo met and some of the pairs earliest adventures as they sought. Produced by walt disney pictures and jerry bruckheimer films, and based on the 1930s radio serial, verbinskis adaptation of the lone ranger marks the first theatrical film featuring the character. A very enjoyable film, good laugh out loud moments mixed in with just how poorly. But its also refreshingly bizarre, and surprisingly intimate for a film of its size. When all else fails i go looking for the old ranger.

A running theme of the lone ranger is the emergence of the locomotive as a means of connecting towns on the american wests frontier. The reid brothers are both upstanding, moral men who believe in what they do. The movie soundtrack of the lone ranger will be released on july 2, 20. A film icon that disappeared from the public eyes with each passing. The lone ranger 1938 the lone ranger rides again 1939 hiyo silver 1940 the legend of. Based on the radio series of the same name, the film stars johnny depp as tonto, the narrator of the events and armie hammer as john reid, the lone ranger. Enter the lone ranger was the title of the first episode of the lone ranger on television. He works with his indian friend tonto, and he rides he steed silver to his next adventure. Tonto is dedicating to righting the wrong that led to the deaths of so many of his tribe. Lone ranger originaltitel the lone ranger ist ein usamerikanischer westernfilm aus dem. But just because the lone ranger was a bad investment doesnt necessarily mean it was also bad filmmaking. Johnny depp ready to return lone ranger star armie hammer is signed on for a couple sequels assuming they happen, while johnny depp says hes all ready to reprise as tonto.

All 45 songs from the the lone ranger 20 movie soundtrack, with scene descriptions. Rancher reece kilgore lyle bettger picks a fight with indians in the hope that he can run them off their land and mine it for silver. With silver chief, chief thundercloud, lynne roberts, stanley andrews. The lone ranger dvd set 1938 complete 15 episode serial 2. It was the ninth of the sixtysix serials produced by republic, the fourth western a third of republics serials were westerns and the first republic serial release of 1938. The series starred clayton moore as the lone ranger and jay silverheels as tonto.

The lone ranger actually unmasks in the climactic cave scene from. Listen to and download the music, ost, score, list of songs and trailers. Then a masked lawman, the lone ranger clayton moore and. This was suppposed to be the complete serial, but after some initial action that appeared introductory about origin of the lone ranger the tape began with edisode 6. A posse of six members of the texas ranger division, led by captain dan reid, pursued a band of outlaws led by bartholomew butch cavendish, but are betrayed by a civilian guide named collins. Lee powell, behind the fullface mask in the 1938 lone ranger cliffhanger.

The lone ranger is the walt disney pictures adaption of the legendary western tales that started out on the radio in the 1930s before hitting tv screens in the 50s. A disneyjerry bruckheimer films presentation, the lone ranger is directed by gore verbinski and produced by jerry bruckheimer and gore verbinski, with a. However, a ruthless outlaw takes out all of the rangersincluding reid, and a local native american outcast named tonto helps in resurrecting the lone ranger to bring justice to the villain. The lone ranger is a 1938 american republic movie serial based on the radio program of the same name. That allows verbinski the opportunity to bookend his story with two. Catching one of jeffries men who trailed a wounded jim clark to their secret caved, there is a fight and the lone ranger ends up trapped in a pit with a steaming cauldron. Directed by gore verbinski and starring johnny depp, armie hammer, william fichtner, ruth wilson, james badge dale, tom wilkinson, barry pepper. Stan also recalls that powells uniform seemed different than the outfit he wore in the lr serial. The lone ranger chases the courier but a spiked pit awaits him. Lee powell the first cinema lone ranger in the republic. The lone ranger is a desperado who helps people in need.

My guess is that the republic publicity department did much of the writing. Lone ranger trailer 2 deutsch german 20 official film ultra. The origin story of the lone ranger was played out in the first three halfhour episodes. The lone ranger tells the story of a city lawman, named john reid, who visits the gritty west to visit his brother, one of the towns rangers. Film lone ranger 20 movie4k online stream deutsch hd kostenlos. The lone ranger is a 1956 western film based on the lone ranger television series, starring clayton moore and jay silverheels. It starred clayton moore as the only surviving texas ranger who is nursed back to health by a native american named tonto jay silverheels, who becomes his partner. The lone ranger is part of cinematic history whether or not you know about it.

This black and white version of the story is going to allow. At a mission church, the governor keeps his appointment with the lone ranger, who, disguised as an old prospector, shows him a. Luckily, the lone ranger is more than the sum of its references, because verbinski and his screenwriters wind them around the core of a vision. The lone ranger story part of this dvd package is great to have available after such a long period of time.

Jeffries prepares another trap for the lone ranger. The lone ranger is a classic american blackandwhite television series that originally aired for five seasons from 1949 to 1956 and in color from 1956 to 1957 on the abc network. The pair roam the old west, defending the helpless against the forces of evil. These are the same 17 early episodes which are currently doing the rounds with 15 chapters of the 1938 republic serial added on. The ranger, donning a mask and riding a white stallion named silver, teams up with tonto to bring the unscrupulous gang and others of that ilk to justice. Also there are lego lone ranger sets etc which are really cool and im sure would have been on his wish list had he been able to see the movie, so lost sales there also. The official track list of the soundtrack of the lone ranger, the upcoming action adventure western movie directed by gore verbinsky and starring johnny depp and armie hammer. This 1956 film was bonita granvilles last film appearance. With this opportunity to set the record straight about his and reids adventures, tonto recalls the day in 1869 when he first encountered the man who would be his trusted friend and. The lone ranger as it stands is a old standby for me. The next day, the governor comes to brasada, posing as a guest of wealthy rancher reece kilgore, so that he can meet covertly with the lone ranger. My amazon prime video app is set to stream and download at the best. Dan as a texas ranger and john as an attorney and man of the law. The lone ranger 1938 serial was edited and released as a feature film titled hiyo silver left a closeup of the lone ranger and tonto from republics the lone ranger serial.

The lone ranger watch full episodes free united states. The lone ranger is a film that manages to be bad in many ordinary ways and, also, to be bad in a rather extraordinary way. The lone ranger is always alone in a wilderness he does not quite call home. The following year a sequel serial the lone ranger rides again was released. The five all fight valiantly but over the course of the serial four are killed in the line of duty, leaving only one to finish the fight the lone ranger. The restored original lone ranger republic serial 1938. The lone ranger is a 1938 american republic movie serial based on the radio program of the. At left is chief thundercloud real name victor daniels.

Watch the lone ranger online stream full episodes directv. The lone ranger is a 20 american western action film directed by gore verbinski and written by justin haythe, ted elliott and terry rossio. Long thought lost until a print with spanish subtitles was discovered in mexico, the lone ranger and. With the lone ranger knocked unconscious, one of smiths. This telling of the story of the lone ranger is one of the first in the history of cinema. The 1938 lone ranger was the first appearance of the ranger and t. This one hour feature is a special that was created in 1955 for the 22nd anniversary of the program 22 years includes the radio program years using the first three episodes of the tv series from 1949 edited together, that provide the answers to the origin of the lone ranger. In 1933 a boy discovers an ancient native american in a sideshow carnival tent. The 1938 lone ranger was the first appearance of the ranger and tonto in the movies and introduced the canyonambush and rescue by tonto origin story as well as what became the standard. While details differ, the basic story of the lone rangers origin is consistent in most versions of the franchise. Watch the lone ranger online stream full movie directv. The lone ranger 20 soundtrack complete list of songs. A film icon that disappeared from the public eyes with each passing decade failing to modernize. In the lone ranger, native american spirit warrior tonto johnny depp and man of the law john reid armie hammer are opposites brought together by fate and must join forces to battle greed and corruption.

Stan segal also sent me a copy of a twopage 1938 magazine article titled i am the lone ranger which was supposedly authored by lee powell. The fact that johnny depp alone gets top billing above the title, the lone ranger, despite not playing said character sums up the generally misguided approach taken by depp and the creative crew. The lone ranger movie serial 1938 information about this serial can be found on its imdb page. In this 20 film, starring johnny depp and armie hammer, faithful sidekick tonto tells the story of his time with john reid, the man who eventually became known as the legendary lone ranger. The lone ranger 1938 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

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