Nnastm d'4285 blotter test pdf

Exhaust compressed air at 1824 for 1 minute onto collector. The blotter spot method sample preparation and test procedure. An astm designation number identifies a unique version of an astm standard. Astmd4285 standard test method for indicating oil or. Blastline sptblotpk blotter paper, surface oilwater test, 8 x 8. For the exact specification the standard would be according to astm d 4285. Air compressor blotter test acceptance criteria as per astm d 4285, any oil indication discoloration of white absorbent paper is a cause for rejection of air compressor. Active standard astm d4285 developed by subcommittee. Air compressor blotter test based on astm d 4285 inspectionfor. The values stated in inchpound units are to be regarded as standard. The test can be performed with white absorbent paper. D 4285 83 reapproved 1999 standard test method for indicating oil or water in compressed air1 this standard is issued under the. This test method is used to determine the presence of oil or water in compressed air used for abrasive blast cleaning, air blast cleaning, and coating application operations. Simply attach a piece blotter paper to a rigid backing using tape and perform the test accoridng to astm d 4285.

American society for testing and materials reprinted from. Conduct a blotter test in accordance with astm d 4285, acceptance criteria is no visible oil, water or other contamination allowed. Standard test method for indicating oil or water in compressed air. Gavarino oil filtration system simple blotter test on a paper towel. Quality control of abrasive blast cleaning operations. Begin using this easy onsite test to identify excessive engine soot, evaluate a lubricants dispersancy and detect the presence of glycol, diesel fuel and other. Standard test method for indicating oil or water in. Astm g5, standard reference test method for making potentiostatic and potentiodynamic anodic pol 2. Quality control instrumentation for paint and coating.

Similarly, water indication of absorbent paper is not acceptable for sandblasting work, and air compressor should be rejected and subjected to the repair. Astm d4285 standard test method for indicating oil or. No other units of measurement are included in this standard. Astm d4285 832006 standard test method for indicating.

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