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However it is stable girl rita who takes a shine to the minder and her exhusband who proves to be part of a scam involving the horse. Bill the minder episode guide bevanfield films bcdb. He finds himself in the orbit of arthur daley, a middleaged car salesman and. He finds himself in the orbit of arthur daley, a middleaged car salesman and selfdescribed entrepreneur working on the edge of.

After a drinking session he goes missing and when arthur catches up with him he has lost his trousers, apparently after a visit to a lady of pleasure. Amazingly arthur comes to his young minder s rescue by providing him with an alibi though more aggravation is provided by a magistrate who is also a thief. For many years it was assumed this episode was the final episode of series 2 simply because it was broadcast at a. Catch up on the itv hub the home of itv4 on demand. Beryl leaves peter with terry and the pair bond but the real father is the truculent ronnie and when he comes looking for peter terry has to teach him a lesson. With george cole, dennis waterman, brian glover, georgina hale. This episode list gives brief descriptions and some other details of the episodes of the itv network television series minder. Watch minder 1979 season 2, episode 5 not a bad lad, dad. Tvguide has every full episode so you can stayuptodate and watch your favorite show minder anytime, anywhere. The earliest episodes focus on terry mccann, a former professional boxer, who has served time in jail and is determined not to return there. Filled with fastpaced action, tricky situations, delicious humour and delightful chemistry between the two leads, george cole and dennis waterman are perfectly cast in this comedydrama series. Minder on tv series 2 episode 5 channels and schedules. The makers emphasised that it was a revival, rather than a remake. When arthur tries to bank the russian money they will not except it.

Arthur opens a video shop and gets terry to run it, but there is a mix up over a tape that has been shot by a big time g. Watch minder 1979 season 7, episode 4 the last video show. An old army pal of arthurs, known as yorkie, comes down to london to chat about old times and have a night on the ale. While episode one was a charmless bore of a show, episode two provided enough evidence that minder could become one of channel fives big hits. Shamy is a young indian who has owed arthur money for a while and eventually gets round to paying him. With dennis waterman, george cole, warren oneill, sharon duce.

Series 2 i really liked with not a bad wine i think its called, and not a bad lad, i thought was a really good episode and dont tell them willie boy was here was another good one. I think all of the series up until 5 had some quality episodes. Minder was broadcast on itv4 at thursday 16 april 2020, 17. Alexa davies as kate, daughter of lance series 2, 3.

Minder series 2 episide 11 all about scoring, innit by david dgp. What are peoples favourite episodes series and or bits. When arthurs car lot is compulsory purchased by the council, he decides to run as an independent candidate in the local bielection for a seat on the council. Minder season 5 episode 2 what makes shamy run watch on kodi. Initially produced by verity lambert, it was made by euston films, a subsidiary of thames television and shown on itv originally by thames, then central independent television in 1993 and 1994 after thames lost its franchise. It was series 2 that finally saw minder pick up a considerable audience. All other regions outside london broadcast this episode in its original position in the series on 2 october 1980. Beryl sharp, an old flame of terrys, comes to see him with her nineyear old son peter, telling terry that she believes him to the boys father. Jan 10, 2019 more of the best before it gets taken down. Minder series 2 episide 3 you lose some, you win some.

After a robbery in a safety deposit bank, arthur withdraws his money and hides it in his lock up and gets terry to guard. Minder is a british comedydrama series about the london criminal underworld. Terry helps out his friend des by delivering a car but it is a getaway car that has been used in a robbery and terrys fingerprints are found in it. Minder series 5 episode 2 series 5 episode 2 dave at the winchester points out that arthurs banknotes are forgeries. Beryl sharp, an old flame of terrys, comes to see him with her nineyear. The first episode of the sixpart series was broadcast on 4 february 2009. An outstanding midpoint episode pivots on the human moments when our heroes cant help bringing themselves into their work. Minder season 1 episode 5 the bounty hunter youtube. The original show ran for ten series between 29 october 1979 and 10 march 1994. With george cole, glynn edwards, dennis waterman, gary webster. Find out when minder is on tv, including series 5 episode 8. Art calls his partner paul in series 1, episode 3, and both give their full names when questioned by the police in series 2, episode 5 echoing the rather different vocal pairing of peters and lee diana rigg as veronica, beckys mother and occasional child minder for stanley. Terry and a local reporter help out, but just as he is about to win, the opposition want him barred.

Minder on tv series 2 episode 5 channels and schedules tv24. This episode list gives brief descriptions and some other details of the episodes of the itv television series minder series 17 first broadcast in 1979 to 1985 and 1989 focus on arthur daley, a middleaged car salesman and selfdescribed entrepreneur working on the edge and often beyond the law in pursuit of a quick profit. Minder series 8 episode 1 the loneliness of the long distance entrepreneur by blast from the past 1971. Arthur sells tracksuits and watches to some russian seaman, but one of them goes missing and tries to defect. Previous all episodes 109 next not a bad lad, dad poster. Watch minder 1979 season 7, episode 5 fiddler on the hoof. While terry is trying his hardest to satisfy his employers demands, and putting his own life at risk, arthur is busy. Please give the cartoon series bill the minder a vote between 1 and five stars, with five stars being the best, 1 being a show you absolutely hate, and a three for an average show. The entire eighth series of the popular comedydrama centring around dodgy london entrepreneur arthur daley george cole and his minder includes the following episodes. Watch minder episodes online season 2 1980 tv guide. Isolation stories series 1 episode 2 a father and son are isolated in the family home, but they would rather be anywhere than forced to be together like this, with only each other for company. Dennis waterman was reluctant to do series 7 arguably the weakest starring him and turned down a cameo in s8. May 05, 2020 a guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the tv series minder 1979. Minder series 1 episode 2 bury my half at waltham green by david dgp.

The loneliness of the long distance entrepreneur, a bouquet of barbed wire, whatever happened to her indoors, three cons make a mountain, guess whos coming to pinner, the last temptation of daley, a bird in the. Snowfall season 2 watch series watch series online for. Minder s02 e05 not a bad lad, dad video dailymotion. Minder was broadcast on itv4 at monday 25 june 2018, 11. In july 2008, it was announced minder was to resume on channel 5 after a 15year break. Dennis waterman as terry mccann, george cole as arthur daley, glynn edwards as dave harris. I never thought id find myself writing that either. An old friend of terrys has left her son at terrys house, while she sorts her. The episode you refer to is the first episode of series 8,which is the first episode starring gary webster. Minder series 2 episode 10 series 2 episode 10 an old adversarys car mysteriously disappears while terry is minding it.

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